This home was a unique unique projects that allowed us to express many facets of our creativity.

This side of the duplex was an art playground. When the owner asked us to build portals in his house, we knew this project would be a memorable adventure.

The stairwell art installation was the first to be done. Using multi-layered cast acrylic, we created an LED-lit hologram.
Titled: Butterfly Portal.

We then transformed the attic of this restored Victorian duplex into a meditation temple. The spiral staircase entryway became an otherworldly environment surrounded by infinity mirrors and LED lights.

In the Attic, laser-cut slate pillars, a black hole, a metal-fabricated railing, and a hand-woven fabric ceiling all tie together to create a dream-like space set for journies and meditation.
Titled: The Reflection Temple.

Be sure to explore the Southside of this project on our portfolio page.

Artist Credits: Jon Medina, James Medina, Harriet Woodman, Aleesha Anderson, AJ Abes, Sean Bryce, Bryan Pinkham, Steven Newman, Emily Moon, Alex Kiser, Nick Brown

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