Phonetic: /ˈreɪdiə/ (pronounced: "ray-dee-uh")

Derived from “radius” or “radiant,” suggesting a connection to concepts of rays, radiance, or expansiveness.

Collaboration is the heartbeat of Radia.

By combining our client’s vision with our ingenuity and expertise, we deliver exceptional results. At an event, home, or public space, we bring concepts to life by conjuring vision into reality. Through the proposal, conceptual, and budgeting phases, we offer a clear approach and plan to ensure cohesion and success in every project. When plans need to shift, we will be by your side to find optimal solutions.

Meet our team of professionals — builders, designers, artists, producers, and project managers — dedicated to making creative visions a reality. Founded by Jon Medina, our journey began in the art, entertainment, and creative design sectors. From his decade of solo artistry, a collective team emerged, culminating in the formation of our creative alliance in 2023. Together, we dream deeper and create beyond the boundaries of what’s achievable alone.


We craft immersive atmospheres that captivate the senses, evoke emotions, and inspire wonder.

Our Process

We Bring Creative Vision to Life


We collaborate with our clients on the creative concept to distill ideas into a proposal, estimate, contract, and action plan.



Our team then produces 3D renderings, digital design assets, tech specs, and budgets to communicate direction.



With a clear plan, we execute build + fabrication, product testing, delivery, install, project management, and strike.


From start to finish, we make creative ideas a reality.
With our teams’ wide array of skills, we have what it takes to produce.

Our high standards of design and craftsmanship deliver lasting impact with every project, every step of the way.

Let’s talk.

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